Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Erika Cobarrubias


Meet Erika Cobarrubias. She is a sophomore at CSULB, just like me. However, UC Irvine was her first choice of school. Currently, her major is undeclared however she hopes to get into the nursing program and if not she would also like to pursue Physical Training. Before coming to LB State she attended and graduated from Los Alamitos High School. Erika is of Filipino and Chinese descent and speaks fluent Tagalog. Coincidentally, two of my close friends from high school are Filipino and Chinese as well. One thing she enjoys doing is show choir. As we were talking I remember a big smile across her face as she talked about show choir. Erika described her self as adventurous and went on to talk about how her and her friends enjoy going to exit rooms, or escape rooms.

I asked Erika what art meant to her. She defined art as a release of emotions. Whether you’re sad and decide to write a hit song about your experiences or you’re happy and choreograph a beautiful dance number. Art is a way to just let it all out.


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