Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of viewing so many amazing artists’ work. It was my first time going to the SOA galleries.To be completely honest I chose which gallery I walked into first by the amount of people also entering. After a while I ended up walking through all of the galleries with Gatov East being my last stop. As soon as I walked in I was blown away by the amazingly awesome pieces being showcased.


The artist, Nick Bamford, is incredibly talented. Nick’s inspiration for this show was his eagerness to work with new materials. He created several, beautiful ceramic pieces made of cement, clay, and wood. Some were left with empty spaces as if he was not able to finish. However, that was all apart of his “gestural approach.” I would describe the artwork as having a rough finish. I’m not sure if he intended to convey a theme of “perfect imperfections” or that’s just how the process of ceramics makes them. Either way I enjoyed looking at his art. Also, they were so huge! I’m 5’2 so my judgment may be different from others but still, the pieces looked like they could have come alive at any time. Nick even stated, “I try to see my sculptures alive…”


The main theme for Nick’s art, from what I understood in our conversation, was a gestural approach. I talked about some parts of the pieces not being fully covered and when I asked him about it he simply said it was, “Part of the gesture… Open to interpretation.” There was also one sculpture that contained wiring and computer chips hidden within the backside of its body. I also asked him about this and he said there was no reasoning behind any of those materials. I find that funny because a few others and I were thinking way too deep into the whole purpose of the wiring being there. At that point I understood fully what he meant by “open to interpretation.” I also now understand his reasoning behind not including a title for his show.


As I walked through his gallery, I saw one piece that was just a huge hand and I was really confused for a moment. I stopped and wondered what exactly was he trying to do with this piece in particular and what does it mean? In my head I compared it to those chairs in the form of a hand. Also, another piece, which he called the Guitar Guy, made me instantly think of Carlos Santana. My mom loves Carlos Santana and when I first saw Guitar Guy Santana’s song Maria, Maria started playing in my head. It really is cool how one person’s creation and their interpretation of certain things convey other meanings and feelings for another person. I enjoyed every minute of Nick’s art gallery.

Nick Bamford, Erika Cobarrubias, and myself.

Check out Nick Bamford’s Instagram!  https://instagram.com/nickbamf4d/


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