Week 4 – Activity – Painting


This week I was really excited to go to Venice Beach not only for extra credit but because it was another excuse to go to the beach and hang out with friends. Unfortunately, I got called into work on Saturday and was not able to go to Venice. So instead I went to Dollar Tree to buy poster paper and Michaels to buy spray paint since I did not buy the bucket of supplies from the Art Store. I purchased everything for a little less than $8 (with the help of some coupons) and I saved some gas by staying at home.  I did miss out on the extra credit, which sucks, but i’ll get over it.


Anyway, once I bought all my supplies I went home and googled graffiti fonts. I am artistically challenged when it comes to drawing so I needed a sort of template to go off of. I live in South LA and seeing graffiti isn’t something new to me but I didn’t want to mess up so I played it safe and trusted google. After I traced my name on the poster paper I spread newspaper around where I was working so I wouldn’t get any paint on the grass. Then I began shaking the spray can (for 2 minutes!). I started with pink and filled in my outline that traced. I noticed my lettering was a bit too close and was worried the black would just mask over the pink but I continued with the pink. Next, I traced around the pink with black and I was right, the black covered up the pink on some of the letters. So I went back with the pink and freehanded the letters and it came out nice. I needed to fix just a couple of spots so I did more coats before the first coat dried which was just a big mistake. The final product looked good from far away but once you get a good luck up close you can notice the spots with about 3 coats of paint because it left bubbles.

For the most part I would rank this activity a solid 8. It was fun creating something with materials I never used before (spray paint) and with 2 of my favorite colors. However, I was starting to get frustrated with my mistakes and the wind blowing causing the newspaper to touch the wet paint, smearing the two colors. Other than that I had fun pretending to be a professional graffiti artist 🙂IMG_4553


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