Week 4 – Artist Conversation – David de Mendoza

Deadlights by David de Mendoza

This week’s art gallery featured so many amazing shows I wasn’t sure which one to blog about. I figured I would go with the one that caught my eye first. That gallery, titled Disquieting, featured works of art from artists David de Mendoza and Vanessa Gamboa. As soon as they opened the doors to the Gatov West Gallery I immediately locked my eyes on one of the paintings. From far away I could see the many vibrant colors used. It was even more spectacular up close. Unfortunately, Vanessa Gamboa was not there to speak on behalf of her work. Fortunately, David de Mendoza was there and he was more than pleased to explain his artwork to us eager Art 110 students. He was even nice enough to give us an impromptu photoshoot afterwards.

David’s art was painted on canvas with amazingly vivid colors. In my film class that same day, we were discussing the glorious Technicolor used in The Wizard of Oz and how viewers in 1939 were blown away. I would compare the feeling of moviegoers in 1939 to myself, now in 2015, captivated by David’s work. Even the darker colors he chose to use were beautiful. Each painting was done so precise. They weren’t drawn with perfect lines as if it were done digitally but even so, it was drawn perfectly. Even if it wasn’t done like that on purpose it adds nice effect. The main theme of Disquieting was fear and also the exploration of dark realms. It would make sense for lines to not be squeaky clean.

The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros by David de Mendoza
Last Lullaby by David de Mendoza

As I just stated, the main theme of Disquieting was fear and exploring dark realms. David discussed how a lot of times he had no idea where he was even going with his ideas. Something would just pop up in his head and he would “go with the flow.” For example, he thought of nightmares and made a Sandman-inspired piece titled, “Last Lullaby.” Another piece, “The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros,” was described to be inspired by his fear of intimacy along with a love sick-cupid. Easily, a person is able to see that these paintings carry a lot of darkness which could be explained by artist David’s love of the horror genre with his expressed appreciation of author H.P. Lovecraft and his favorite scary movie being The Shining. 

David seemed like such a great guy with an outgoing personality that you would never think so many dark ideas came from his mind. That it self was just so amazing for me to comprehend. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I could relate to David but I did see some similarities personality-wise. I enjoy watching horror films and as for the “dark” outlook on life, one of my favorite colors is black. I love wearing black clothes and I like to paint my nails black. I also want to paint my car black with black rims. However, with my personality you would never guess I own anything the color black. Some things that people might find creepy or scary I find enjoyable and sometimes funny. David’s art was very creepy, in a good way, and instead of cringing and running away I just wanted to stop and stare. Disquieting was such a beautiful gallery and if Vanessa and David’s art was being showcased longer I would recommend everyone to go check it out. In the meantime, you can check out David de Mendoza’s Facebook page!



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