Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Karen Solis, & Krista Tsukashima

IMG_4609This week at the SOA Galleries I decided to check out the Gatov East gallery where Pairs was being showcased. Honestly, one of the main reasons I chose Gatov East was because it was the only gallery open at the time. Once I walked in and saw all of the beautiful artwork I was very happy with the choice I made. Pairs is the name of the gallery showcasing beautiful paintings from 5 pairs of artists, 8 people in total. The artists were Josh Benz, Krista Tsukashima, Karen Solis, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Jarand Abad, and Peter Macaulay. Unfortunately, Jarand, Peter, Karen, and Coleton were not available to speak on behalf of there work on Thursday. However, I had the pleasure of speaking with Krista, Roddy, Josh, and Sery.

by Josh Benz & Karen Solis
by Josh Benz & Karen Solis
by Josh Benz & Roddy Hernandez
by Josh Benz & Roddy Hernandez

The art being showcased were paintings done by a pair of artists. Josh Benz and Karen Solis collaborated on the painting to the left. Josh wanted to use specific technicalities such as colors and shapes to emulate the transition from his childhood to adulthood. The colors were so vibrant on all of the paintings, even the darker colors. Josh also described his collaboration with Karen as her drawing and him painting. At first glance I couldn’t tell if it was done freehand or drawn and Josh answered my question. It was done so beautifully and perfect and the artists are all so amazing I just wasn’t sure.

The theme for Pairs was a “moment in time.” Whether it was the past, present, or future, each pair of artists tried their best to bring their moment of time to life. When asked what inspired them Krista Tsukashima, speaking for the group, said it was how they get to start new ideas when thinking of a new series of work, which this particular project was a brand new way of doing such a thing. Since they collaborated with another artist they were able to talk to each other and learn new ideas to tackle certain subject matters. Another Art110 student asked the artist how do they prepare themselves before painting. They  joked around and said they meditate and take a nice bath but I think they were serious. Working at night also helps them because they don’t have to worry about distractions or other people because they are all sleep. All of the artists agreed working quietly at night worked best for them.

I’m definitely not an artist or creative when it comes to drawing/painting. An idea doesn’t just pop in my head when I see an unfinished drawing like Josh Benz with Karen Solis’ drawing. However I can relate to how they prepare themselves. When I’m doing homework or something I notice I work best at night. Especially, if I put on some music, get lost in the lyrics and forget about my phone and all other distractions. Another thing, I feel like I work best in a group or at least not by myself. Like Krista said, collaborating with someone else allows you to feed off each other’s ideas for the better. I enjoyed Pairs and I also enjoyed speaking with the artists. They seem very passionate about their art and I love when I can tell someone is passionate about something just by the way they talk about it.

The artists can be found on Facebook.

by Krista Tsukashima & Roddy Hernandez
by Krista Tsukashima & Roddy Hernandez

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