Week 5 – Classmate Conversation – Cameren Johnson

                   Selfie with Cameren 🙂

Meet Cameren Johnson. She is a 3rd year student here at CSULB, which was her first choice of school. Her major is accounting and she wants to go the obvious career path by becoming an accountant at an average sized firm, one that isn’t too big but also isn’t too small. Cameren is from San Diego, Ca. Fun fact: I recently went down to Chula Vista for a concert and the same place the concert was held was where her high school graduation took place. Some things she likes to do for fun include: watching netflix and going on a nice run. When I told her what my hobbies were (cheerleading) I found out that her best friend is also a cheerleader. Since it was her best friend she knew a lot about cheerleading and we talked about the world of cheerleading for a while.

Then came the question, “What do you swim in?” It was kind of hard to put are thoughts into words but we tried our best. What I got out of the conversation was that Cameren swims in a life of no regrets and privilege. That may sound like I’m describing a Kardashian but Cameren is definitely not like that. We don’t choose how we are brought up in life but we decide what to do with our upbringings. Cameren was fortunate to live a life with out worrying about saving money and things like that but I can tell she doesn’t take that for granted. Within our short conversation Cameren seemed like a genuinely nice person and I’m glad I had the chance to meet her. 🙂


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