Week 6 – Activity – Identity Art


This week’s activity was Identity Art aka Periscoping! Initially, I was not looking forward to this activity because I am not the type of person to walk around with my phone in my face broadcasting my life. That is completely out of my comfort zone. Of course I did it anyway because it was for a grade. I decided to watch 3 “normal” periscopers, 3 classmate persicopes, and broadcast myself for 60 minutes. I went live for the first time right after I left the SOA galleries. I wasn’t by myself so it was less intimidating. It was so cool to see how many people joined my broadcast and how international my viewers were. I had people from Minnesota and some people all the way in India. That part definitely got me excited to continue Periscoping. I didn’t care if people were watching me talk to my phone like weirdo. My next periscope was on Friday, which was probably my longest one. I had over one hundred live viewers. I was not expecting that many people. I’m still shocked at how that even happened. The rest of my broadcasts were short and pretty random.

Bree Olson
Bree Olson

For the 3 student broadcasts I watched Kim Pham do her makeup, Erika Cobarrubias chill with her friends, and Kiro Tadros in Venice Beach with friends. For the 3 “normal” periscopers I chose Bree Olsen, Buzzfeed, and celebrity Mark Ballas. I watch a lot of lifestyle YouTube videos and when I watched Buzzfeed and Mark Ballas’ persicopes it just felt like a mix of YouTube and Snapchat.

I probably won’t convert from Snapchat to Periscope but I won’t overlook the app. It was actually very fun and amusing trying new things. I didn’t choose to do the Counterfactual Identity option but because this was so out of my comfort zone it felt very counterfactual. Now, whenever I get together with my friends I might hop on Periscope and have some fun doing a Q & A or another fun game.

115 viewers!
115 viewers!

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