Week 6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


This week at the School of Art Galleries I had the pleasure of viewing some beautiful paintings done by the talented Alice Andreini. She painted three out of the 9 paintings in the gallery. The other 6 were painted by Sery Kwon and Laura Lopez. Altogether, the 3 artists and their work put together the show, Site Lines, for the Gatov East Galley. Each painting was so amazing I didn’t want to pick one artist to interview. Laura Lopez was not there at the time and I did not see Sery so I chose Alice Andreini and I was not disappointed. She is such an amazing artist and I enjoyed asking her questions about her artistic journey.

Alice’s pieces were oil on canvas. The time that it took her to complete each project varied among all 3. One painting, she explained, took months to finish which drove her crazy. After she became familiar with what she wanted to do with the paintings it was easier for her to finish the other 2 in a couple of weeks. At first glance they may seem a bit abstract however, once you actually look at it for a while and actually pay attention the features you realize there is an actual concept to each of these paintings. It was almost as if it were a 2 for 1 painting.


Artist Alice Andreini described her inspiration for the painting as her liking to work with concepts of space. Her inspirations all tie in with the garden as she names the original inspiration for her pieces; her mom. Her mom is an avid gardener and one year she became ill so Alice helped her out with her garden. The paintings all have one feature in common: army figurines. Alice said her mother would dig holes for the plants in her garden and would sometimes find toys. She wanted to really convey the realism that is her mother’s garden so why not add in the army figurines.

Recent artists that I’ve conversed with at the SOA galleries would start their art work by having an idea pop up in their head and continue with that idea. I am not creative in that aspect so I can not relate. However, Alice related real life events to her work. I can relate completely to that. I need a “template” to get me going on certain projects. In order to prepare for this show or any show, Alice likes to do some research, choose a couple references, and work with some photographs. I am definitely not as artistic as Alice but if there is one thing I can resonate with it would be her thought process and preparation for Site Lines.

Alice Andreini can be found on Facebook!



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