Week 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

Erika & I on the professor's story.
Erika & I on the professor’s story.
Courtesy of my Snapchat story
Courtesy of my Snapchat story

It’s Snapchat week! I’ve been looking forward to this assignment all semester. I’m always on Snapchat. Out of Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat I use Snapchat the most by far. So initially I was excited to get a grade for something I already enjoy doing. At first the description for this activity said we would just be thinking of an activity to do with Snapchat rather than actually doing an activity. When I read that I was not excited. However, I quickly became excited when I found out we were doing an actual activity.

Our activity, besides just using Snapchat, was to draw on our Snaps and take screenshots of classmate drawings. I never really utilize the drawing feature anymore other than finishing my sentence when I run out of space in the text box. I stopped drawing for two reasons: 1. It takes too much time if you want it to come out nice and 2. Snapchat drains your battery so the longer I’m on the app the more my battery dies :(.


I made an exception for Art 110. I was in my Film History class watching “The Bicycle Thief” and I got really bored mid-movie so I checked my Snapchat. I figured this would be a perfect time to do my “homework.” I drew some popcorn, an Icee, and candy to add to my movie experience. For my other drawing I just drew a sun around the temperature to better emphasize the actual ridiculousness of it being 100 degrees in October. I like drawing on my snaps when I actually have time and I have a phone charge to go. Also, I don’t really have a steady hand so it would be nice to use a stylus. The drawing feature is so cool I hope Snapchat never takes it away.

United States of AmeriCat
United States of AmeriCat by Jenna Lee
Courtesy of Erika Cobarubbias

As for my classmate’s snaps I followed a couple of people from class. Some barely posted on their story and some posted way too much on their story. Out of the handful of people I followed I chose to screenshot drawings from Jenna Lee and Erika Cobarubbias. Jenna had one of the best Snapchat drawings I’ve ever seen. She drew the United States of America around her cat. It was so perfectly drawn that I hope she used a stylus pen or else I would just feel so bad about my non-existent artistic ability. Erika Cobarubbias’ drawing was more like something I would draw on an everyday basis. She drew arrows, exclamation marks, and added emojis to emphasize her sadness and frustration toward her lying friend in a sarcastic way.

How would I compare Snapchat with Instagram and Periscope? If I had to rate each social media platform on a scale of 1-10, Instagram would get a 7, Periscope receives a 5 and Snapchat, of course, gets a 10. Instagram is fun but I barely use it anymore. I don’t really post and I mostly use it to stalk celebrities. In my opinion, Instagram is dying out like Facebook and I’m just not into as much as I was when I was a freshman in high school. As for Persicope, It was fun trying it out for the first time but there were too many people I had no control of viewing my broadcasts. On Instagram I have the power to accept or decline friend requests, same with Snapchat. I also didn’t like how I couldn’t edit things out before people saw it. So far Snapchat has been my favorite assignment by far. I had so much fun doing my “homework” this week and that is a very rare occurrence.

Selfie w/ my Professor & Erika Cobarrubias on my Snapchat Story!
Selfie w/ my Professor & Erika Cobarrubias on my Snapchat Story!

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