Week 8 – Activity – Mobile Public Art


This week’s activity was to use the Somebody app created by Miranda July. I’ve never heard of this app so I thought it would be interesting to see how this activity would go. When I downloaded it I had no idea how to add the classmates who left their email in the comments section of the activity page. That Thursday I figured out that I didn’t need to add anyone I could just find people who were near me. I got to class early so I decided to play around with the app. I did not like the layout of the app. Something about it just gave me a bad vibe. However, it was cool to see all the messages that were left for “somebody” to deliver to someone else. One person told someone what they had for dinner and it was really weird but funny to read. I sent out a few messages to be sent to my friend Erika but I don’t think anyone delivered the messages for me.

I eventually gave up with the app and went inside the art galleries. After a few minutes looking at the art someone came up to me and delivered a message from Erika. The message was “Hi Alicia. It’s me, Erika” and the messenger was supposed to sing. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty cool thinking I had a personal courier. I would say it was like 10th century-style texting. Long story short, I probably won’t be using Somebody app again. It’s already been deleted off of my phone. It was fun for a few minutes but it got really boring after a while. I will stick to Snapchat and Instagram.

imageSocial media apps used in Art110, ranked:

4. Somebody

3. Periscope

2. Instagram

1. Snapchat 👻


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