Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

For this week’s activity Erika Cobarrubias & I incorporated Instagram and Snapchat to create a love story like no other…

At the age of 22, Lilliana Vega is already a very  succesful model and actress. She is signed with Wilhelmina Models and is currently set to star in the new Quentin Tarantino movie coming to theaters Spring 2016. You would think a succesful, beautiful, young woman would have girls and boys lined up to date her but that wasn’t the case. Lilliana loves what she does for a living. She puts all her focus in her work and never makes time to go out and mingle. That is until one day on her usual morning jog along the Malibu coast when she ran into Ashley Price. Ashley was also getting a morning workout in. They were both ending their run with some quick yoga. They started talking to each other and became interested in learning more about one another.


After months of dating their relationship became serious. They were together for about 3 years and adopted 2 children. Lilliana started to become busier at work and that really put a toll on the relationship. One day, Lilliana made the horrible decision to cheat on Ashley with Liam Hemsworth. She wished she could say it meant nothing but Liam loved her and she loved him. Ashley and Lilliana both agreed it was best to separate.

image image

Liam and Lilliana were inseparable. After a year of dating, which is like 5 years for celebrities, Liam proposed. They got married and had another child. The Hemsworths lived happily ever after in Malibu, Ca. As for Ashley Price, check out Erika’s blog to see what happens next for her.

At first this activity did not seem fun to do because I didn’t really know where to start but once I figured it out it was actually fun to create a fictional story like this. I wanted to make a video to go along with the story but I didn’t have very much time. I hope Erika & I’s story was interesting for all readers!


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