Week 10 – Activity – Game Design


This week’s activity was geocaching! We were to create our own geocache and find someone else’s. I was not looking forward to this activity because I did not understand it but once I downloaded the app and messed around with I  got into it. It’s like a big treasure hunt. I was really surprised by the amount of geocaches there were by my house because I didn’t think geocaching was a huge thing. I never even heard of it before taking Art110.


My geocache: I hid a small pin in the shape of an angel, a tiny bow made out ribbon, and my log book, of course. I put all my items in an altoids container and headed over to a nearby park in Cerritos, Ca. I hid my geocache in some bushes near the pond.


Finding a geocache: My friend Erika Cobarrubias and I agreed to find each other’s hidden treasures. We obviously didn’t tell each other exactly where we hid them. We gave each other a general area and then used the app to further help us find our geocaches. I found her’s at the green belt at 7th street and Bennett avenue. Inside of Erika’s geocache was a toy, a ring, and a wrapper from a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Overall, I don’t seem to get the point of geocaching. It’s fun for maybe a one time scavenger hunt but on the app it seemed like people geocache as a hobby. I will not be geocaching after this activity. However, it was an interesting experience.


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