Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit


This week at the SOA galleries I viewed art by Matthew Dumpit, a senior at CSULB. He is majoring in Metals. His art was showcased in the Werby Gallery. This was his first gallery. Matthew cited elementary school as the reason why he got into art. He was really good at it and he liked that feeling when the teacher puts your work on display in the classroom or the office. The teachers/staff/students who enjoyed his work pushed him toward the arts.


All pieces are made out of wires. It took him 5 months to complete this show. It took one month to finish the chair piece alone. For the chair piece he molded the wires together. Matthew described the process as “heavy duty” because you’re working with gas and hot materials so the proper attire (leather gloves, leather jacket, boots) is needed for safety reasons. He has many scars to show from burns. 450 Lumen LED lights were also used to give that clean line look when a shadow is projected on the wall.


The inspiration behind this gallery was the expression of motion and emotion. In his artist statement he says, “Kinematics… fascinates me in the way that it can evoke or be used to trigger an emotion”. A practice begins with his emotional response. Each piece’s motion lets him experience the feeling had the moment he started the piece. When he is working he is in a sort of trans. It’s almost like meditation for him. He gets lost in his work until it is done and then the process repeats.


Matthew Dumpit seemed like a very dedicated artist, passionate about his specialty in metals. So far this was my first Metals show and I really enjoyed. Also, for a while now I’ve only been viewing shows by students in the Masters program. It was refreshing to see someone on the same boat as me work just as hard as those headed toward a master’s degree. One thing I can relate to Matthew with is the feeling of gratitude when your artwork is showcased in a classroom or front office. I’ve never been really good at art like drawing or sculpting but I was really good at basket weaving. My teacher in high school decided to put one of my baskets on display in the front office. It felt really nice to have my artwork appreciated for once. Matthew’s show was very nice and like no other that I’ve seen so far.

Unfortunately, Matthew Dumpit has no website nor Facebook/Instagram. 😦



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