Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


This week at the SOA galleries I chose to blog about Kathy Yoon’s exhibit. Kathy is a 27 years old and a student at CSULB. She is a Ceramics major and has been with the ceramics department for 3 years. As a child she enjoyed drawing but the only “materials” she could remember using for art growing up was Play-Doh. It wasn’t until college that she was introduced to ceramics. Kathy was actually a math major before she made the move to the Arts program. Now that she has realized her love for ceramics she puts on shows at the School of Art Galleries; like So Many Me’s at the Werby Gallery.


Kathy’s pieces are all mini Kathys. They are about one foot in stature and resemble characters from a Tim Burton movie. Kathy chose to keep the coloring of the pieces to strictly white, black, and red. She wanted to focus on the highlighting of each piece and not ruin the form with too many colors. Some are dressed up in outfits like a skirt while some just have tiny shoes on. The mini Kathys are all made out of white porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, underglaze, and yarn. All of the pieces are hollow as well. Each piece took about 2-3 weeks for Kathy to complete from start to finish.

The message behind So Many Me’s was to convey how Kathy feels and her personality. If a person can relate to her work she sees that as an accomplishment. Kathy’s inspiration for this gallery comes from Tim Burton and his work. She has always been interested in animation and illustration. A few pieces are inspired by people close to Kathy but how she saw them so it is still her feelings that are portrayed in the artwork. In the past she has worked with animal forms and realism but they didn’t quite work with how she wanted to express her feelings.


Kathy’s work was all about expressing her feelings and in her artist statement she explains how she feels. I believe no matter what someone says we’ve all felt like Kathy. We have all been frustrated and confused with what we’re doing in this life. Some people express their feelings more publicly or to a more intense extent while some, like me, keep their feelings bottled. When I was talking to Kathy she seemed so happy and cheerful that when I walked into the gallery I was not expecting to see such depressing pieces. They are beautifully crafted but the message behind it is very depressing. This just goes to show that how a person may seem on the outside can be totally different from how they feel on the inside. This reminds me of the saying, “Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover.”

Kathy’s work can be found on her Instagram!



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