Week 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

For this activity I decided to stick with something I knew how to do. Actually, I did 2 things. For the first project I continued my basket weaving from my high school art class. I loved basket weaving so much that I finished the one mandatory basket we were supposed to do 2 weeks before the due date. So of course I started another basket for fun. I never finished because I got busy with AP exams, prom, graduation then summer came and I honestly forgot about it. I realized I still had my unfinished basket last year and every now and then when I have some free time I just start weaving a couple rows at a time. It’s very therapeutic for me.

image image


Materials needed:

  • Core (I’m not sure if that’s the technical term but that’s what my teacher called it)
  • Yarn
  • Needle
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  1. Coil up your core to look like this 🌀
  2. Start wrapping the yarn around the coil
  3. Once your core starts overlapping each other in the coil, stitch between each gap. Pull tight so its not loose. This is the base of the basket. I usually wrap around the core 5-6 times then stitch and so on.
  4. Once your base is completely wrapped with yarnand it is the size you want you start to lay the core on top ofeach other. Continue the wrapping around 5-6 times and then stitching.
  5. Do this until your basket is as big as you want.
  6. If you run out of core cut the end of it at angle as well as the end of another oiece of coil. Match them up with each other and put a small piece of tape over it to secure. Continue wrapping and stitching.

image           image

The next project is making cheer bows (bows for cheerleaders). It is not a secret that I am a cheerleader and a cheer coach. I love all things cheer, including cheer bows. However, they can get pretty pricey. So I learned how to make my own.

Some of the materials used.
Some of the materials used.


  • 26 inches of 3″ wide grosgrain ribbon
  • hair tie
  • glue gun
  • ziptie
  • 1″ wide ribbon
  • scissors
  • lighter


  • Lay your ribbon in the shape of a cancer awarness bow. Carefully pinch it in the middle bringing the top part together with the middle section.
  • Secure it with a zip tie
  • Adjust it so it looks like a bow and not a big mess.
  • Once it is to your liking, glue a hair tie to the back of the bow on top of the zip tie.
  • Wrap the one inch wide ribbon over the zip tie and the hair tie. Glue it so it is secure.
  • Fold the tails of the bow together and cut at a diagonal going from bottom (at the opening side of the fold) to the top (at the closed side of the fold).
  • Run the lighter over the bottom of the tails so the the thread does not fray.
  • Wear it with a high ponytail 🙂
12 bows! and that's only some of them.
12 bows! and that’s only some of them.
Me, wearing the bow I made for this activity on Saturday during a performance.
Me, wearing the bow I made for this activity on Saturday during a performance.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to make things that I enjoyed making. It would’ve been fun to learn something new but for the sake of time I chose to go a safe route.


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