Week 12 – Activity – ePortfolio


The original page title vs. new page title
The original page title vs. new page title

This week’s activity was to set up an ePortfolio or basically just clean up our websites; give them a refresher. In all honesty I do not plan on using this website ever again after I am done with this class. However, I do plan on using a website for my career in the future. I want to go into the film industry and a website will be useful for networking. When that time comes, I want to start from scratch. I don’t want my professional website to have any connection to my personal life. Also, WordPress has a Stats Viewer where you can see how much traffic your website is actually generating. I want that information to be solely based off my career and not work from a class I took in college.

Before. No menu just recent posts and comments.
Before. No menu just recent posts and comments.
After. My new and improved menu!
After. My new and improved menu!

With that being said, I didn’t see too much that needed to be added. Since, this will only be used for class I didn’t need to add a section for my editing work, for example. Although, I did add a menu. I organized my menu with Classmate Conversations, Activities, and Artist Conversations as a drop down option. I changed the name of my blog. At first it was “AliciaChristinaJones,” which is my url. Now it is simply “Alicia Jonesღ.” I saw that  I could add my Instagram and Twitter feed to my website as a widget and I thought that was pretty cool. So I tried it and for some reason my laptop wouldn’t let me sign out of the instagram account I used for our Identity Art activity and I didn’t want that account on my website so I just said forget it. As for Twitter, I realized I didn’t want my twitter feed that public. When I do setup my career website in the future I will be sure to add my professional social media accounts to it.

I know it seems like I didn’t really do much with this activity but I did learn a lot. I never really played around with the “behind the scenes” features of a website. It was interesting learning how to change interfaces and make my blog more appealing to potential viewers. I will take this information with me and definitely use it in the future :).


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