Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


This past Thursday I got the chance to see beautiful artwork created by artist Christopher Linquata. His show titled, Sacred & Profane, was on display in the Gatov West Gallery. Christopher is in the last semester he needs to graduate from CSULB with an MFA in Drawing and Representational Painting. He attended CSUN before Long Beach State, took some years off after then taught in the art field.


Right when you walk into the gallery you are captured by the beauty of paintings. First of all, they were huge! Second, it looked like they were painted in 1080p HD. For a second I thought I was looking at a picture taken on a digital camera but then I reassured myself that no, these paintings were just done so well. The lines were so crisp and aesthetically pleasing. Christopher Linquata used acrylic paint on his pieces. It took him about 10 hours to complete the painting process.


The inspiration behind Sacred & Profane stems from early renaissance painting and street art. Piero de la Francesca was one of the early renaissance artists Linquata was inspired by. Christopher wanted us to know that these paintings are “a place through his eyes, put on a wall.” His paintings are mostly based around the Long Beach area with one in particular being set in the San Pedro area.


I enjoyed viewing Linquata’s hard work. He is a very talented artist that strengthened my respect for the art community. The fact that I struggle drawing something on my index card for attendance every week yet Christopher is able to create a painting so crisp and perfect really baffles me. His paintings were literally so perfect I thought I was looking at an oversized Polaroid. I’ve always respected the arts, especially since my future career in film is  within the arts, but now my respect has grown.  This gallery really hit home that there are people out there living the same 24 hours in a day as me but are able to just do so much more than myself.


Check out more of his work on Instagram!


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