Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Jeanine Pham

Jeanine Pham

This is Jeanine Pham. She is 18 years old and is a 2nd year student at CSULB. Jeanine is currently a Biology major. She plans on going to graduate school to become a nurse. After she told me that we realized we both love Grey’s Anatomy.

Jeanine is from Garden Grove and she commutes from Garden Grove to school every day. She is obsessed with her pet dog Roxy. She graduated from Cypress High School. She did not play any sports in high school but outside of school she enjoyed going scuba diving. However, she had to stop due to back problems :(. Other hobbies of Jeanine’s include cooking, specifically baking, and reading. The summer after she graduated she read a book every day, which is something I would NEVER be able to do so props to her!

QOTW: Which colors activate and calm you?

Jeanine’s answer: Blue calms her while Red really activates her.

It was so nice meeting Jeanine. She was very easy to talk to. I hope her nothing but the best in the future! 🙂


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