Week 14 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez

imageFor my last Artist Conversation for Art 110 Fall 2015 I interviewed Lourdes Martinez. Lourdes was apart if a group show in the Werby Gallery. A fun fact about Lourdes is that she never intended on pursuing art as a major. She got into art her senior year of high school and accumulated enough credits to assist her in being accepted into CSULB. Once she got into the school she planned on changing her major but instead stuck with art because she realized how much she actually liked it.

Her piece was a photograph. It is a “selfie” of earth and all it’s inhabitants in 1990 taken from a distance of 6 billion kilometers. Without knowing the background history of the photograph you would be very lost upon viewing. It is a very symetrical square containing 4 boxes within a square glass case. The photo is very abstract in a way as well as concise. Also, out of all of the art i’ve looked at this semester this is the most simplistic; and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

As I just stated it is a photograph taken from space, 6 billion kilometers away to be exact. It was taken in February 1990 by the Voyager I. On these 4 squares is everything and everyone that was on Earth in February 1990. “Photographs enable us to step outside of our single experience and witness our existence from the point of view of a vast and indifferent universe,” as told by Lourdes Martinez.

Art is supposed to be an expression of ones thoughts, emotions, etc. Lourdes has an interest in science and art and she combined the two to present us “Pale Blue Dot.” I like how she did something very unique. I walked up to the photograph and probably had a very concerning look on my face. But once I was briefed on what the photo meant I understood it and felt as if I were in Lourdes’ shoes because I understood art from her point of view. This piece really got me thinking and I enjoy that kind of art.


Lourdes unfortunately does not have a website or any social media that is made public to view her artwork.



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