Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Leslie Jovel and Erika Cobarrubias

Erika C., Leslie J., and I 🙂

For our group classmate conversation this week, I interviewed Erika Cobarrubias and Leslie Jovel. I already interviewed Erika before so I tried asking different questions. All 3 of us are 2nd year students here at CSULB. Erika and I did not plan on attending LB State. My first choice was University of Hawaii, at Manoa and Erika’s was UCI. Leslie is a Psychology major while Erika is a Kinesiology major. They both have an interest in art. Erika likes to draw and is very talented. She also loves her music (alternative rock and EDM to be specific). Leslie enjoys going to museums and music, as well.

Leslie is from Long Beach and graduated from Wilson High School, which isn’t very far from the CSULB campus. Her hobbies include: swimming and watching Netflix.

Erika is from Cypress and graduated from Los Alamitos High School. Her hobbies are hiking, drawing, and going to Disneyland.

Over winter break Leslie will be traveling to El Salvador to visit her Grandma while Erika will be staying in Cypress, Ca happily eating lots of food. 🙂

Qotw: What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?

We all agreed that music is by far the type of art that has made the biggest impact on our lives. Leslie added, “…there is music for every emotion and it comforts me.” We wouldn’t know what to do without music.

It was really nice having a group conversation rather than the usual one on one. It was less awkward walking up and just sparking up a conversation. I’m glad I met Leslie and got to know Erika more for this last classmate conversation for Art 110 Fall 2015!


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